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By completing this referral form, you’re helping us to contact the client as safely and quickly as possible. We’d appreciate it if you could include as much information as possible – this saves the client from being asked the same questions twice and helps us to understand more about their needs and circumstances.

Eligibility criteria for this service:
Please be sure to check that the client meets the following criteria before making the referral:

All PDAP accommodation is for any women aged 16 or above with or without children fleeing domestic abuse.

Accompanying documents:

Please attach the following documents to this referral, if completed:

  • Recent DASH risk assessment (if one has been done)
  • Proof of immigration status or recourse to public funds. How to get in touch:If you have any questions about our service, eligibility criteria, or how to make a referral, please contact PDAP’s 24 hr Helpline 0800 052 7222

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5. Children

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6. Alleged perpetrator/s

Information about the alleged perpetrator, if known:

7. Reason for referral

Accompanying documents

Please attach the following documents to this referral, if completed: