PDAP Outreach services provides one to one support in the community offering advice, safety planning and crisis intervention and support to remain in your own property for anyone female or male aged 16+living in Kirklees.

We have 2 projects providing outreach services:

Independent Domestic Abuse Advisor IDAA

IDAA’s support high risk victims as identified by the DASH risk assessment. Support is provided at point of crisis, with an emphasis on reducing immediate risk, implementing safety plans and supporting victims to access and navigate through the Criminal Justice System.

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Domestic Abuse Outreach (KBOP)

Our outreach service is part of the Kirklees Better Outcomes Partnership KBOP a partnership of social sector organisations. This service works with standard to medium risk victims with an emphasis on early intervention and safety planning to prevent escalation of risk. Also, we support victims of domestic abuse who are no longer in a relationship with the perpetrator, to remain in their own property which includes installing security measures in the victim’s property. Within this team we have also have a male victim support worker.

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24hr Helpline
0800 052 7222

Key provider of domestic abuse support services.