Keeping people safe from harm, physical, psychological, emotional, sexual or economic, is a key purpose.

Safeguarding clients, children, and families is both our statutory duty and way of thinking, embedded throughout PDAP.

PDAP has a designated Safeguarding Lead, ensuring there are robust policies and procedures in place and adhered to including; Adult Safeguarding, Child Protection and Risk Management.

Safeguarding training is mandatory for all PDAP team in order to reflect changing and evolving legislation, practice and approaches and to ensure all staff remain current, confident and fluent around all safeguarding situations.

We will always communicate with clients from the start of support about how support will be delivered and how we will work with other services to maximise access to support. The emphasis will always be on the victim’s choice and empowerment. They will explain from the start of support what safeguarding responsibilities and duties we have to them and how information will be shared and stored.