Everyone who works for PDAP respects each person’s right to make their own decisions.

From the start of support, we encourage clients to identify their own needs and support them to explore their options and decide what actions they wish to take.

Keeping victims at the centre of their support is crucial so that they feel in control of the process, maximising their resilience and optimising the outcome of long-term safety.

All our team are highly trained and have the skills, experience and knowledge to offer effective quality support. They understand how complex each situation can be and are able to provide relevant support for both short term crisis intervention and longer term recovery to ensure the most appropriate, workable and achievable response and outcomes. Consideration is always given to wider factors such as family, legal options, accommodation, financial circumstances etc. that can be addressed to reduce risk, meet needs and promote long-term safety.

We employ a diverse team that is also aware of the different needs and perspectives of people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds and how different approaches may be required to work with them effectively.