We relaunched our Volunteer Programme in 2021.

Are you looking for a dynamic, exciting volunteering opportunity? Are you wanting to meet new people? Learn new skills? Gain experience? Or may be you would like to give something back to your local community.

Our aim is to provide volunteers with comprehensive training and experiential learning along with the opportunity to be a part of the PDAP team supporting people affected by domestic abuse.

Volunteers are an important and valuable asset to PDAP. Volunteers help to enrich and extend the services PDAP currently offer and give the community that we serve a stake in what we do.

Volunteers can bring a different perspective to the work of PDAP with fresh ideas, knowledge and experience.

Please see the tabs below for further information on the types of roles available.

Peer Support Roles

From supporting our clients to: build their support network & access the community,  support their Health & Emotional wellbeing; right through to moving on from PDAP support. We have a range of Volunteering opportunities to really enhance the services PDAP provides to our clients and which offers a rich experience to Volunteers who are wanting to offer face to face support.

Administration Roles

Within our administration roles there are volunteer opportunities for people who want to be in the public face, for example  Рsupporting employees to raise awareness of Domestic Abuse in the community and promote the work PDAP does, or maybe you would like to support our clients to have a voice, with an Engagement & Consultancy Volunteer role. If you enjoy talking and can offer empathy, you may like a role providing advice, support and signposting to people accessing the PDAP Live Chat/ Helpline services. Alternatively for those who would enjoy a quieter but equally meaningful role, we have opportunities to support PDAP through social media, where you will have the opportunity to create and maintain information to keep our social media profile up to date with news and events.

Children's Volunteer Roles

Our Children’s Volunteer roles provide opportunities to: both build and maintain a resource bank of activities for children, research and facilitate days out for mum’s and children, provide activities for children to engage and entertain them, to allow parent to engage in support sessions with key workers, provide group activity sessions for children based within accommodation based services.

Gardening Volunteer Roles

PDAP Gardening Volunteers have the opportunity to: help maintain the gardens within PDAP accommodation based services or may be you would like to develop & help maintain a herb or vegetable garden? Within the gardening roles, you will also have the opportunity to share your knowledge and skills with clients , supporting them to develop new skills and support their emotional well being.

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